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Handheld mobile phone design and identity theft
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Though non existent just two decades ago, today mobile phones and handheld devices are an integral part of modern life, especially in metro cities. Though some famous people do not carry or use a handheld device, a vast majority of people carry a mobile phone and or a tablet depending on their work profile, budget and location. Unfortunately mobile phones are stolen for identity theft, and even if a person will own the mobile phone, all their phone calls, smses may be diverted to well connected greedy lazy frauds who will impersonate the mobile owner, in a cheap attempt to become rich and powerful overnight.
Some of the factors which affect the usability of a handheld device are:
1. User interface design
2. Size /Dimensions
3. Weight
4. Input method- keyboard, touch screen

How samsung allegedly helped the greedy goan cheater call girls siddhi, sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar who stole a samsung galaxy grand for identity theft with the help of powerful fraud officials who these call girls bribe with FREE SEX
Design problems for IPhone
How price will affect handheld usability
Tablet design
Diversion of phone calls , smses without a court order
The single woman engineer has also had her retirement savings of more than twenty years stolen by these fraud security officials to blackmail her to give up her engineering degree, experience , resume for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater call girl friends and relatives who would never work honestly for their own resume. Today the engineer finds that all her communication has been diverted through the cheater good looking call girl friends and relatives of powerful officials without a court order, making it difficult to earn a living. For five years, a harmless civilian single woman engineer has endured the atrocities of cruel careless officials, why are they allowed to waste indian tax payer money giving fake excuses of national security, when they cannot find any proof
These officials cannot be held accountable under RTI. Allegedly Google, tata, Paypal have bribed the top security officials in India to waste indian tax payer money for nearly 5 years to harass a harmless civilian single woman engineer, to destroy competition,acquire talent and technology cheaply, Though the government may try to increase export, they should first investigate why security agencies are allowed to promote and reward greedy fraud call girls and brahmin cheaters at the expense of harmless hardworking exporters.
DGFT and the government wants more exporters as presently only a small number of large companies are exporting to foreign countries, However, they forget that these large companies are experts in having security officials waste indian tax payer money for their corporate goals. For example for this online exporter, the fraud extremely powerful security officials are falsely claiming that her export business belongs to goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar when these women do not do any work, spend any money or cannot even operate the bank account of the export business.
However, these fraud security officials are considered to be high status and respectable in indian society when they are actually shameless liars, expert in defaming innocent hardworking exporters. In fact the internet connection of the online exporter has been allegedly routed by fraud indian security officials through the cheater goan call girl siddhi mandrekar who has commited corporate espionage on the online exporter as she allegedly sleeps with these top officials as reward for providing free sex to these officials. Providing free sex to top security officials in India, who cannot be held accountable, has become a shortcut to great powers, a permanent government job, stolen resume in India for ambitious dishonest greedy young women.
Hence it is important that a person especially exporter who has been denied her fundamental right due to atrocities by careless arrogant corrupt security officials, to have a redressal mechanism so that these officials do not abuse their powers and waste indian tax payer money for personal gain, grudges for many years

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"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." -- Abraham Lincoln

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